Meet Hannalies

Who’s in charge here? You are!

You are your number one. Always. You are your own best supporter, advocate, partner, and friend. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. We all need help sometimes, and I’m here to guide and support you as you become the best version of yourself.

Think of me as your flashlight, helping you navigate your way through the darkness to a brighter future. I mainly work with alternative practitioners, healers, coaches, dancers, and other creative people who need help figuring out how to make their vision a reality. I love working with women, and those exploring gender outside the binary, to help them achieve their dreams. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you overcome their fears and doubts and fearlessly seek freedom. I was a rebel from the start, landing on this earth on my own terms, and I’m here to serve and support others to do the same. I’m passionate about helping you connect to your inner Knowing. I’m tenacious and I’m dedicated to helping you succeed.

When I’m not working, I love gardening and spending time in nature, traveling, reading, drinking tea with friends, and imagining endless possibilities.

I live in the question “what is possible here?” Together, we can make your dreams come true.


“Hannalies is a vision holder, helping to change the world one person at a time using her unique intuitive guidance to lead them to their truth. She helps people who feel stuck manifesting their dream, hobby or vision into reality realize their full potential and get concrete steps and tools to accomplish their vision.”

P.S.S., West Linn, OR