What my clients are saying…

Here are the words of a few of the amazing people I’ve had the honor to work with…

“Ahhhhh… I’m SO glad I decided to work with Hannalies!  I was skeptical of hypnosis at first if I am honest, but I had not been feeling well for so long that I was willing to try anything.  When I heard about her work, I thought why not?  And I’m so grateful I said Yes!  

I’ve been healing from long haul covid for two years now (It’s really painful and vulnerable to write that.).  I had received an immense amount of healing from herbs, acupuncture and my naturopath yet I was still having routine episodes of being unable to breathe.  They felt almost like panic attacks and prevented me from doing many of the activities I love.  I had resigned myself to feeling that this was simply my fate.

But after working with Hannalies through hypnotherapy I am so delighted to report my symptoms have subsided significantly!  I have yet to experience another extreme episode and have begun resuming walks with my partner and dog without fear of relapse.  This is a HUGE step in my healing process.

Working with Hannalies was gentle, comfortable and very warm.  From her in depth intake form to her professional demeanor, I felt respected throughout the entire experience. I could tell Hannalies has had immense amounts of training and has mastery within her field of holding people during difficult experiences.   She even checked in with me multiple times during the weeks after our session and was available to witness my journey and answer any questions I had.

It amazes me that I can heal myself on so many different levels through using the power of my mind for my good.  I found my recording to be so soothing, like meditation times 10!  I fell asleep effortlessly and awoke refreshed.  It was easy… I didn’t have to add another pill or exercise or to do on my already long list.  I just hit play as I turned off the light each night!  I love that Hannalies created a way to make my healing so easeful.

I am truly blessed to have found Hannalies and her work.  I will definitely be employing her again as new issues arise in my life.

Thank you Hannalies!”

Wyld Lee

Owner of Wyld Fempyre, Oregon

“You gave me my life back. Thank you, Hannalies!”


Grandma, Mother, World Traveler, Oregon

“I had my session with Hannalies regarding issues with PCOS. Before the session I had severe migraines (4 or 5 a week), irregular periods, severe leg swelling, high cholesterol, high cortisol, my blood sugar was high, I had hormonal acne, my hormones were imbalanced, and no matter what I did I could not lose weight. 3 weeks after my session for the first time all my blood work came back NORMAL! I shed 12lbs (I didn’t change anything about my routine), and I now have 1-3 migraines a MONTH!  My period showed up on time (still does), the swelling in my legs is non-existent, I no longer have hormonal acne, and I have energy!!!!! Not only did she change my life but she is very professional and also very compassionate. I HIGHLY recommend Hannalies!”


Fellow Hypnotherapist & Colleague, Missouri

“As someone who is well versed in hypnotherapy and the healing arts in general I can say from a wealth of experience that Hannalies and her work are as top tier as it gets. Hannalies is warm, safe, capable and trustworthy. I knew instantly that I was in great hands. The session was deep and thorough and very effective. I noticed significant positive shifts almost immediately post session. I’ve always had a hard time fully relaxing with a pretty much constant background anxiety. Post session I found myself, feet up, browsing a coffee table book without a seeming care in the world. My relaxation almost caught me off guard! “Woah, where’s the anxiety?”

I went looking for it and couldn’t detect any at all. Later that evening I was drawn to and even excited to play with my kids and felt able to connect with them and with play in a much more easeful and joyful way. Prior to the session with Hannalies, playing with my kids felt like a chore and I would always encounter inner obstacles when attempting it. I recommend Hannalies and her profound, beautiful and transformational work with a whole heart. You’re worth it!”


Author, Washington

“Hannalies is an exceptionally great empath and intuitive guide, which is a gift that can’t be taught. Her stability helps other people find their stability. It gives them the courage and the emotional platform to learn how to move and breathe differently in the world.”

Pam Savory

CEnO/Owner Strive Workplace Solutions & PamSavory.com, Oregon

“I can’t explain how empowering and how much clarity I’ve gained! I listen to the hypnotherapy recording every day and sometimes on early morning walks. I feel fucking amazing. So thank you! My life has become simpler overnight.”



Previous Client, North Carolina

“I feel so much more balanced and centered, and now feel like I’ve got about 80% of my power (like, the true Self) back. You were the catalyst for all of this in such a great way! Thank you! I never doubted that I could, I just needed to shirt my perspective. You propelled that for me. It reminds me of that adage about how, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”



Previous Client, Georgia

“Hypnotherapy is AMAZING!!! Before hypnotherapy with the lovely Hannalies, I was a nervous wreck. I could control my anxiety but deep down I was still an overthinking mess. I felt guilty falsely about everything. Now these false beliefs arise and melt away. I do not catch myself spiraling into my anxiety. With hypnosis, I’ve retrained my brain to remain sane. Hypnosis is an amazing tool that is beneficial for anyone and any lifestyle. Try it, you might like it!!!”


Previous Client, Oregon